Hi sexy hot single Mom! Welcome!

Let me hand mommy the wine and start our candid chat!

Hello, I am Natalia.

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Hand mommy the wine is a blog for single moms, by a single mom! Yes, I am a single mom. I have been for sometime now. I have one small human. I am using a pen name on my blog – because I will be covering some highly personal topics such as domestic violence and mental health. I am pretty sure if you are reading this – you could probably work out quickly who I am and where I am from but – don’t. No need. I just don’t want these topic to collide with my day job.

If you want to know about me and my story – read it here – spoiler alert – it’s why I am awesome 😛

I am a career focused single mom, I work full time in a leadership role, I blog on side and I parent when I can 😛 and I drink many many glasses of wine.

(SIDE NOTE: If you don’t want a wine – I am happy to pass you a tea, or a kombucha or a water – we do not judge round here)

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Feel free to email me at hello@handmommythewine.com for any questions, complaints or instastories of you drinking wine! 🙂