September 2018  Blogging Income Report | Hand Mommy the Wine

September 2018 Blogging Income Report | Hand Mommy the Wine

I’ve learnt a bit this month that I really wasn’t prepared for. Yup thats a thing! I didn’t know what I didn’t know and now I know. So here it is – the September 2018 Blogging Income Report. Lets get real though – every blog is on a different part of the journey and mine is no different. I have so much content planned!

So let’s start with my goals and then we can talk about what I learnt!

1. I want to get to 1500 page views by December 2018

Well guess what! We haven’t even launched yet and I’ve hit this goal! I’m pretty stoked with that! I launch on Monday the 1st of October and I’ve already hit the mark! So – Changing my goal to 2000 pageviews a month until December! (And yes before you ask – I excluded my own IP address)

2. I want to make at least $100 from my blog by December 2018

Ok I am proud to say that I have earned a total of $8 – Yup – I did! How? I made an awesome Instagram template which is purchasable! Winning!

3. I want to make sure I do a monthly Income summary

Doing that right now! Win! Again 😛 – I need a wine for that!

4. I want to be part of at least 2 group boards on Pinterest

Yes! 2 Group Boards – 2 Tribes on Tailwind and I totally joined a couple more too! I set up a dedicated pinterest email called

5.I want to have at least 30 Blog Posts by December 2018

I posted 2 blog posts this month – both of which I grabbed some awesome people to interview and got some amazing advice from the professionals.

6. I want to have 10 email sign ups.

Ok! I’ve set up email sign ups – there is an awesome financial freebie you get with the sign up and we have 1 subscriber! Not great but better than nothing!!

7.Have at least 10 followers across all my new platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)

This is going well – started my Instagram page and – with fun cute quotes which you can go have a look at over at @handmommythewine  Instagram has a total of 75 followers which is a brilliant start!

Facebook is now a goer! Page is up at

Pinterst is looking good at:


This month obviously I needed to do some set up

Details Income Expense NET
Affiliates 0
Sales $8
Hosting (site gound) +Website – Annual
Canva for images
TOTAL $8 $8

Lessons learnt

So this month has been a bit tricky. One of the things I learnt – was that with anything – dont be impatient – Building an audience takes time. That’s ok! I am also not claiming to be an expert in everything – but I will ask the experts for advice and this advice is what I will give to you.

I also found – that with my first blog – I was amazed when I made 1000 pageviews a month – then swapped from Wix to self hosted and it was such a shock – I literally stood there and cried because it was so confusing – but here I am 7 Months later, coding codes on websites, understanding what hex colors are and doing cool shit like a fucking boss. Yeah Ill own it. I think my branding for this site is amazing . I love the blush and sage look – and have paired everything with it so well. Everything is cohesive and lovely!

I also found myself comparing myself to everyone this month – Why isn’t this as awesome as person xxx or why is this not working as well as xxx and why am I doing this? Why isn’t xx who is so cool doing this too? What am I doing wrong – SO MUCH SELF DOUBT! SO MUCH! But something I did learn was that ok – actually I’m doing ok. Im not doing the worst and you know what – I made $8 this month (thanks to the 1 person who bought my product! I will love you forever!)

So in summary? Don’t be impatient – it can be a hard road to follow this blogging gig – and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There is so much internet to fill – and I am just one little slice and I’m starting to be ok with that! Community over competition!

My most popular content this month was:

My most popular content this month was definitely my piece on dealing with the shock of a break up!

I pushed a lot of traffic to the “How to blog” page through facebook then people asked questions like “how do I set up a blog”. Got about about 15 page views from this.


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